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damir bojanic

From his humble beginnings as solo artist Dj Flomo [with or without the Jazzberry Thatch Band or the Kill-Harmonic Orchestra] to his role as long term bass player/main writer for art-metallers Die Kast Messiah world reknowned for their dead animal infested live shows, to his stint as guitarist/improv conductor with artsy psychadelic punkers Surrealism, and one founding quarter of North Wales finest post-rock/jew-core band Jacobi, Damir Bojanic has always been... to put bluntly, a 'whore'.

Not satisfied with producing one type of sound, Damir adopts a highly pretentious attitude of writing about himself in the third person, and then dabbles in the dark arts of ecletic fusion. Side projects, to name a few include the insane avant-guarde noise barrier breaking Le Enfant Terrible, the spazzcore thrashings of Taiwanasaurus Rex, the 'electro-as-fuck' sample mashups of Boy/Girl and the more relaxed ambience of the deeply spiritual The Visitation Therapy Sessions.

His main output under the eponomous monicker of Damir Bojanic is still going strong. 1,000+ songs to date and no effort whatsoever in getting you people to hear them has prompted yet another internet based promotional cling-wrapped turd to wave under your noses.

Listen to me.

Learn to love me.

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