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romany ruins

"Music for gypsies, made by princes."
Improvised acoustic shenanigans intended to sooth the soul, cleanse the mind and linger in your intestines for 40 years like indigestible pork.
A collaboration of sorts between friends, aquaintances and strangers, much like roadside gypsy jams around a log fire.

Romany Ruins - The Martyr

01 To Whom Shall We Run To For Protection?
02 We Will Return As Amphibeans
03 As Lightning Strikes The Ocean
04 Sympathy For Ghosthorse
05 Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover)

Romany Ruins - The Sleeper
With Chris McDonald of Jacobi/Cahiers du Cinema

01 The World Looks So Peaceful From Up Here
02 Racoon City Police Department (Capguns Cover)

Romany Ruins - Late Night Coffee Demos

01 Your Face In Photographs; Eyes Burned Through With Cigarettes
02 One Number Off
03 Falling A Thousand Feet To The Floor, From Your Mouth
04 'Seven' Is A Dirty French Word
05 Vrisnik
06 This Angel Will Not Die For You