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new albums.

posted 28 May 2011, 06:22 by Dominic Tanner

The new album Mon Chien Noir (Damir Bojanic) goes on sale today over at the bandcamp page.
You can listen to it in full or buy your own copy for a measly £5.

The first two tracks for The Book of Lies went up for FREE/Pay What You Like yesterday also, check them out when you have a spare 40+ mins, cause they're loooooong songs. Songs will be added as they get done. 

videos & blog.

posted 6 Apr 2011, 06:09 by Dominic Tanner

new "videos" section up for a ganders in the navigation bar.

also, read and follow my new blog here;

More Music

posted 28 Dec 2010, 06:52 by Dominic Tanner

You can now download glič and Damir Bojanic albums via Bandcamp from these links;

Some free downloads, some for as little as £5!

Have a ganders ;D

glič-ness and other things.

posted 7 Nov 2010, 10:25 by Dominic Tanner

new video up for 'Men Are From Mars, Boys Are From Nintendo' by glič.

if it aint working on the homepage then the link is here;

"Thursday Nights..." THE GAME!

posted 18 Sept 2010, 03:49 by Dominic Tanner

Right, for those who have hearing my inane mumblings on twitter about this game I'm making, you can download the demo over at the Thursday Nights In Downtown Cruel Tokyo page.

Only 5 megs.
Also, need any beta-testing feedback.

the missing boy/girl tracks.

posted 7 Sept 2010, 07:56 by Dominic Tanner

lordy hands.
the last 3 words from the mouth of boy/girl have finally been captured and have been uploaded.
you can go and thank her here...

downloads available under 'the international house of mojo' - Funky Weapon EP

more downloads.

posted 6 Sept 2010, 08:43 by Dominic Tanner

New pages/new downloads.
Boy/Girl - If Only You Were Jazz Maybe I Could Love You
glič - Fuck Cassius EP
glič - Panties II EP
Still working on the Damir albums, Hideki Ryuga albums and will probs throw in the Jacobi EP whilst I'm at it.

le download page.

posted 11 Aug 2010, 07:09 by Dominic Tanner   [ updated 11 Aug 2010, 07:33 ]

Right, the download page is finally up and working it seems.
So far only uploaded the 2 Taiwanasaurus Rex EPs for now
Next few days i'll upload;
Boy/Girl first album
Recent Damir albums
Glic EP.

Possibly the Hideki Ryuga stuff.

Check back in a couple of days.


posted 9 Aug 2010, 12:44 by Dominic Tanner

Google are now supporting MP3 downloads. About time really.
Only reason I bought the domain so I could contain everything on this site.

new sounds.

posted 5 Apr 2010, 06:31 by Dominic Tanner

3 albums in 3 months... go me...
Hopefully have some webspace to stick them up on.

1) So Much For The Cognitive Process and/or 'Atonement'
2) Majčin Dan
3) The Murder & The Hymns

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